About Impresario Beauty Oils

We are a bulk manufacturer and distributor of cosmetic grade oil to the international beauty and personal care industries - the biggest private marula oil producer in the world and the first ever to have our supply chain Fair-for-Life certified.

Wild harvesting and Social upliftment


We believe the improvement of quality of life and it can be done by small increments like participating in socially and environmentally conscious investment like our Fair-for-Life projects. The strategy to uplift the wild harvesters and their families is of utmost importance as on average each of the harvesters have 5 or more dependents, meaning it is more lives that are impacted upon than just those of the wild harvesters.

We support the retainment of age-old cultural intellectual property and skills, like the traditional method of decorticating kernels by hand. No kernels are used from nuts that were mechanically opened.