Kalahari Melon oil

KALAHARI MELON SEED OIL is the golden oil of Southern Africa. The Kalahari melon is highly adapted to surviving drought and the harsh light of the desert environment. Although found all over Southern Africa, it is most closely associated with the Kalahari sands of Namibia, Botswana, south-western Zambia and western Zimbabwe. It belongs to the botanical family of Cucurbitaceae.

The oil is colourless to very light yellow-green colour with a very subtle neutral odour.

Archaeological evidence suggests that the Kalahari melon has been used for over 4000 years. The San (Bushman) use the melon seed oil to moisturize their skin and encourage hair growth, while the pulp mixed with water is used as a sunblock. The rich yellow oil of Kalahari melon seeds has been used traditionally in Southern Africa as an ingredient in soap.

Kalahari Melon is used in body, hand, face and baby products. A light, penetrating, non-greasy, moisturising emollient oil. It is a good option for a carrier oil in Baby skin care formulations, aromatherapy, massage oils, bath oils, salt scrubs, facials, face cream, bath bombs and hair oils.

Impresario Kalahari Melon Oil

Your Skin

It absorbs easily: Absorbs into the skin very quickly, does not leave a greasy residue

It Nourishes: Naturally cleanses, nourishes and hydrates skin

It's Highly efficient: Highly efficient peroxyl-radical scavenging activity

Does not clog pores: It does not clog pores and removes excess sebum from the surface of your skin

Excellent for all skin types: particularly suited to sensitive skin, because of the high Linoleic acid content (Can be used to replace commercial baby oil)

It's an anti-ager: Promotes the rejuvenation and repair of skin cells

Impresario Kalahari Melon Oil
Impresario Kalahari Melon oil

Your Hair

Keeps hair healthy: Emollient oil for dry, damaged and fragile hair

It Extends colour protection: Does not clog hair follicles and can extend colour protection

It's less greasy: the oil will be effective at plumping fine lines and contributing to an overall more youthful appearance.

Lips: Ingredient for lip balms, lipsticks and other lip care products

Aromatherapy: Great as a carrier for aromatherapy formulas

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